The Awakening of Spring


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The spring moon, known as the full moon that coincides with the vernal equinox each year, announces the Easter festivities. As the days lengthen, the season of light commences. Lush, like flowers in a garden, the new year is celebrated by all. We crave to be outdoors again and look forward to enjoying the heralds of spring. A wealth of color wherever we look.

Several weeks prior to Easter Sunday we invite our customers to our annual event "The Awakening of Spring at Lustbarkeiten".

The first colors that nature presents to us each year are white and green. White like the delicate snowdrop and green like sumptuous woodruff.

The color white is frequently associated with purity and new beginnings. Then the vibrantly yellow, red, blue, and purple primroses, daffodils, and tulips sprout from the reawakened soil.

Spring is a joyous time full of color and cheer and just that is what we are trying to convey with our spring event – magnificent colors – rich, generous, and variegated, just like the season.

A promising invitation to the new year.

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