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  • Spaces for ideas, room for imagination.
  • Wall paints, coatings, and wallpapers that evoke excitement.
  • Just drop in. We are looking forward to your visit.
  • Enthusiasm is infectious, come by and experience it yourself.

The new colors from Farrow&Ball 2022

  • farrow-ball-2022Bamboozle No.304 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Beverly No.310 MEG 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Eddy_ 301 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Hopper Head_ No.305 CD 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Kittiwake No.307 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Selvedge_ No.306 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Stirabout 300 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Tailor Tack No.302 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Templeton Pink No.303 CD 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Whirlybird_ No.309 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch
  • farrow-ball-2022Wine Dark No.308 EEM 2.5L_tin&swatch

I'm delighted to welcome
you to Lustbarkeiten.

Tapeten Stuttgart

'Lustbarkeiten' is an old German word that has often put a smile on our customer's faces. An exact translation into the English language is almost impossible, but we can at least make an attempt to clarify the term. Lustbarkeiten (plural) are perhaps best described as enjoyable events or festivities that leave you and your guest with a pleasant feeling of contentment and insouciance. A long time ago kings and princes endeared their guests with Lustbarkeiten in the form of sophisticated events, family reunions, parties, soirees, or simply opportunities to be merry and to socialize.

Whenever you are planning an event there are a number of factors to be considered to turn it into success and we are here to help. The personalized invitations, a suitable location, beautifully decorated rooms and tables, a fine menu, excellent wine, the right atmosphere and music, complemented with competent and subtle service: the best of the best from a single source.

With Lustbarkeiten you can rely on years of experience and an excellent track record for planning and organizing a great number of successful events.

Whether you are looking for gifts for loved ones or for yourself, are hosting a company function, a birthday party, or planning a wedding or christening, I'm at your side. We can find time to talk while enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of prosecco.


Sabine Albietz